In Another World & All The Universe

theories of the universe

It is by now widely known by ordinary men and women, and certainly high school students today, that there is more than one universe than the one currently being lived in. the knowledge is, by now, part of the miracle of life. Knowing, or rather, believing that there is life out there is nothing but awe-inspiring. Young kids of today, if they have not learnt this from their school books, have, with fascination though watching cult science fiction movies, come to be believers, often acting out their convictions at, would you believe, at annual conventions, usually and ironically close to Hollywood or lala land, the iconic center of fiction and fantasy.

But men and women have been believers for years, long before sci-fi became a popular aspect of today’s multi-cultural life. It has been going on for thousands of years. If studious men were not studying the stars and the theories of the universe, kings and queens and their subjects have been worshipping them, oftentimes quite grimly in the sense that lives were sacrificed. Today, of course, there is no need to resort to such primitive superstitions. Interestingly, religion and a great sense of spiritual faith no longer needs to hold influence.

It is all in the science, as they say. Scientists in the faculties of astronomy and alternative theories of the universe are every year releasing peer review papers which leave little to the imagination. That this current universe continues to expand. And what of the others? This world as it is, is not the only one. And if it no longer came to be, one thing appears to be certain, there are more than one planets in the universe which once had what everyone today still take for granted.